Diamagnetic pump

What is the CTU Mega 20 Diamagnetic Pump?

Diamagnetic therapy is an innovative methodology in non-invasive medical rehabilitation. Equipped with a powerful 2.2 Tesla (20,000 Gauss) - 7Hz pulse magnet, the diamagnetic pump is designed to help treat musculoskeletal conditions such as bone oedema, in a painless, natural and effective way.

The innovation of the diamagnetic pump lies in the exploitation of the phenomenon of diamagnetism that occurs in certain materials, such as human body fluids and cells, as well as in numerous pharmaceutical molecules. When these materials are exposed to an external magnetic field, instead of being attracted to the source of the field, they perform a repulsive movement. This occurs due to a change in their molecular structure, which produces a repulsive force. Thus, through this method, fluid can be shifted away from a painful swelling, so as to allow the therapeutic substances of creams and gels to penetrate deep into the skin at the root of the problem.
What does diamagnetic pump treatment entail?
Your treatment begins with a free initial assessment and a definition of your clinical picture and needs. We then organise a plan of action, consisting of 1-2 weekly diamagnetic therapy sessions, combined with other physiotherapy methods, if necessary.
What conditions may benefit from diamagnetic therapy?
The diamagnetic pump is used in sports medicine, rheumatology, orthopaedics, traumatology, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, etc.
One of the most common conditions that benefit from this treatment is bone oedema, which is the presence of fluid or inflammation within the bone. Bone oedema is usually caused by trauma, such as an injury or fracture, but it can also result from long-term conditions, such as osteoarthritis.

Diamagnetic therapy is also used in the treatment of various conditions, such as:

• Tendinitis and tendinopathies of various types and causes
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Sprains
• Discopathy
• Fibromyalgia, etc.

It provides an effective solution in the treatment of injured, wounded skin, diabetic foot and post-operative wounds, since it does not come into direct contact with the skin. In addition, this treatment can be used in cases where the patient is immobilised, as well as directly over bandages or casts.

The diamagnetic pump has multiple applications in medicine and is employed by specialised diamagnetic therapy and physiotherapy centres, such as PHYSIO4U in Rethymno.
Diamagnetic therapy offers multiple benefits to the patient, as it is a non-invasive and completely painless method. It is a flexible treatment method that can be adapted to each patient’s specific needs. The particular technique used can be applied immediately after the appearance of an injury or during the pre-operative and post-operative phases, so as to speed up recovery.

In addition, it facilitates the introduction of medicinal substances into the body without the use of needles. This is very important to a patient in pain in terms of comfort, as well as with regard to the ability to repeat the treatment as many times as needed without experiencing distress. Diamagnetic therapy is a safe treatment method for a number of musculoskeletal conditions and, what is more, it is considered a pleasant procedure.

What you need to know regarding your first appointment

Save valuable time by coming prepared to your first appointment at the PHYSIO4U physiotherapy centre: bring everything that is necessary for us to start your case assessment right away!


Make a list of the medications you are taking and give this information to your physiotherapist during the assessment.

Recent tests

Make sure you have your most recent medical diagnosis with you, along with the results of any recent tests, such as x-rays, CT or MRI scans, etc.

Comfortable clothing

Wear comfortable clothes, especially in the area of the body that is affected or painful. This will allow the physiotherapist to better access that area and carry out the treatment most effectively. In addition, comfortable clothing will allow you to feel at ease and relaxed during the session.